Shading systems

It can be used in residential, office and project buildings.

Shade Curtain

The system consists of an aluminum case and two side guides with integrated zippers. These zippers ensure the continuous movement of the fabric inside the guides and its high resistance in case of strong wind.

Ηλεκτρική Κουρτίνα Σκίασης

The electric curtain is a new and flexible solution for your professional or private space, beyond the classic curtains. It is an effective way of shading that at the same time contributes to the completion of the interior decoration.

The electric curtain uses an electric mechanism.

The movement of the curtain can be given by a somfy wireless motor (commanded by a remote control or by the series of wireless wall switches somfy smoove) or wired by command from a simple wall switch.

We have electric curtains in many colors and designs as well as Black Out (full blackout) or partial blackout so you can control the light you want in your space.

  •  Frame entirely made of high-quality aluminum and excellent electrostatic painting
    • Possibility of various installation methods (supporting directly on the facade, lateral support, support with spacers, etc.) depending on the particularity of the building
     Full protection of the fabric inside an aluminum case, when it is packed.
     Side guides 30mm wide only.
    • What makes the electric curtain stand out from other vertical shading systems are the side zippers. These zippers are attached to the two ends of the fabric in order to trap it in the side guides, so that the curtain always works harmoniously, even under strong wind.
    • In addition to a shading system, it can work perfectly as a screen (to protect the space from insects) because, due to the zipper, there is no gap between the fabric and the aluminum guides.
     Shading system, specific for facades or for vertical pergola openings.
  • Easily adapts to any window surface.
  • The special roller is powered by a Somfy electric motor with a single push of a button and adds shading around the pergola, especially in low sun positions.
  • It is possible to connect the electric controller with various automated home systems.
  • Available in a unique variety of colors and fabrics, which helps to perfectly match the shades of either a house or the facade of an office building.
  • Also available in a wide range of fabrics impervious to wind and rain but allowing visual contact with the outside environment thanks to their transparent composition (crystal surface).

  • Τα παραπάνω χρώματα είναι τυπικά χρώματα Ral
  • Μπορείτε να μας καλέσετε για μη τυποποιημένα χρώματα Ral και για οποιαδήποτε πληροφορία
Ηλεκτρική Κουρτίνα Σκίασης