Roof Glass

An ideal solution for houses,
restaurants, hotels etc


“An ideal solution for houses, restaurants, hotels etc.”

  • An ideal solution for houses, restaurants, hotels etc.
  • It will allow you to make the most of your space, under any weather conditions, providing excellent insulation and protection.
  • The folding panels can be opened according to your wishes so that you can choose natural light, sun and air to enter your space.
  • Made of high quality aluminum it is able to withstand wind, water and snow, without compromising your safety and comfort.
  • It is made with aluminum profiles that can be anodized or painted in a wide variety of RAL paints.
  • The Openable Roof allows the maximum possible use of panels, reducing the visual barrier between interior and surrounding space.
  • The crystals are automatically retracted by electric motors, revealing two thirds of the opening, with smooth and quality movement, giving even more to the aesthetics of the construction.
  • Each piece of the glass roof can be assembled independently, offering the possibility to partially open the cover surface. The length of the traverse reaches 7.5m.

• By pressing the button the moving parts of the system are dragged and parked under the fixed.
Double glazing, aluminum frame, electric mechanism.

High strength materials, aluminum and glass, for absolute tightness and protection of the space.
• Aluminum sleepers have an advanced drainage system for rainwater. The double glazing is made with the method of structural adhesion, helping to protect the roof from possible water ingress and to maintain the cleanliness of the system.
• It can be constructed in the respective dimensions of the building opening. The number and configuration of the frames are adjusted depending on the needs of the space. The panels can also be made as opening.
Utilization of sunlight so as to provide natural light to the various buildings, which affects the consumption of electricity and reduces the environmental burden.
Utilization of natural light and air improves the quality of life. The air penetrates the space offering coolness that is necessary for good health.
• With the appropriate crystals, the light is properly distributed in the spaces of the various buildings, contributing to the improvement of the aesthetics.
Simple and modern design that maximizes the glass surface of the roof with the use of glass.

Retractable Roof Glass