Glass windscreen


Glass windscreen

  • Glass windscreen, produced as a ready-made panel, creates a wind shield that can rise up to 190 cm with a single touch with its strong frame structure and safety glasses.
  • Glass windscreen is made of glass and aluminum, so it is maintenance free wherever you use it! The panel is pushed to height of 1.90 meters by 2 internal synchronized gas springs that are completely maintenance free. Tapping the moving glass from above starts a synchronized lift up of the glass. Windbreaker Windstop glass balustrade panels are divided equally according to the measurements in the application area. Glass balustrade panels can be produced from width of 80 cm and up to maximum width of 190 cm.
  • Elegant Design

  • Durable and Safe

  • Easy to Use

  • Fast Installation

Description Height Adjustable Glass Railing, Balustrade, Windbrekaer
Material Aluminium & Glass
Panel width Min:80cm – Max:190cm
Panel height 110cm fixed bottom section / 190cm in elevated position
Glass thickness Fixed glass (4+4mm), Liftable glass (4+4mm)
Windstop® panels are delivered ready-assembled