Bioclimatic Pergola
Glass Ceilings
Επάλληλα Συρόμενα
Sliding Glass System

Aluminum Pergola

The aluminum pergola is a shading system for homes and hotels, it is a waterproof system and protects from sunlight. The aluminum pergola uses a retractable, movable roof with louvers that allow both light intensity and ventilation to be adjusted. With a simple, smooth motion, the pergola blinds rotate or retract at different times, providing quick and easy adjustment of personal comfort at the touch of a button.

Συστήματα Μπαλκονιού
Balcony System
Γυάλινοι Ανεμοφράκτες
Ηλεκτρική Κουρτίνα Σκίασης
Shade Curtain

Retractable Glass Windows

Retractable glass windows are innovative aluminum systems that enable the user to operate them according to their needs. The advantage of these systems is that they can be opened or closed keeping one glass frame fixed and the remaining 2 or 3 glass frames parked up or down.